Here's how a dog saved this Kerala family from landslide

Here's how a dog saved this Kerala family from landslide

Mohanan P and his family members were shifted to a government-run relief camp in Kanjikuzhy village after their pet dog saved them from a landslide
A dog is a man's best friend--this saying was proven true when a dog rescued a family in Kerala's Kanjikuzhy village.

Mohanan P and his family members were saved from coming under a landslide because their dog, Rocky, was alert.

On August 9, the family was sleeping at their home in Kanjikuzhy village in Kerala's Idukki district. Around 3 am, Mohanan woke up to the sound of his dog barking, which was unusual for that hour.

Initially, he ignored it. But when the barks grew louder and Rockey almost started howling, he went out to check if everything was okay. It was only then that he realised that the house was on the verge of being engulfed under a landslide, NDTV said in a report.

Following this, he rushed indoors and asked his family members to move out quickly. The family was able to exit in the nick of time. Soon after they were out, the house collapsed under the landslide.

The family has now been shifted to a government-run relief camp.

An elderly couple, who was living in the same building on the top floor, died in the landslide.

Incessant rain over the past few days have thrown normal life out of gear in Kerala. Large parts of the state are flooded, roads have caved in and supplies of essential commodities hit hard.

Reservoirs in the state have reached their maximum carrying capacity, necessitating dams to release the excess water.

A high alert has been issued for the state and the Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rainfall for the next four days.

As many as 37 people have lost their lives in rain-realted tragedies. .

Kerala government announced Rs 10 lakh compensation to people who lost their homes and land and Rs 4 lakh to those who lost a member of their family.